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Air Conditioners price in Ghana

Looking to buy air conditioner in Ghana? Buy Standing air conditioner, split air conditioner or window air conditioner for your homes and office at low prices by comparing offers from various dealers in Ghana in one place.

Before making your purchase it is wise to compare price of air conditioner in Ghana here at It used to be normal practice for buyers to go from shop to shop before settling on which air conditioner fits their budget. PriceChecko has changed this. You can compare prices of all air conditioner in one go from the comfort of your home. Whether you are interested in the price of Thermocool split airconditioner or price of Samsung air conditioner you will will find good bargain here at PriceChecko.

There are different types to air conditioners in the market today. These includes: Window air conditioner, standing air conditioner, and split air conditioner.

The standing airconditioner also called the portable aircoditioner is cheaper to buy and easier to install in a home. It does not require much technical skill and borring of hole in the wall to install it. This makes the standing air conditioner ideal for tennats in small apartments or rooms. It is also easier to move them when travelling or moving apartments.

The window air conditioner and split airconditioners require good technical knowledge to install. The split airconditioner is ideal for large homes with the window air conditioner is limited to individual rooms.

Apart from the price of air conditioners in Ghana, you will have to decide the horse power of the airconditioner you are planing to buy. Although the price of a 2.5 HP is higher than than of a 1.5 HP, remember that you are investing in your comfort. You deserve the best.

₵55,00 ₵31 199,00
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MIDEA 1.5HP R410 CASSETTE UNIT – MCA3-12CRN1 From ₵4 099,00 3.66%
₵4 249,00
BEKO BGC 180-181 2.0 HP Split Air Conditioner
BEKO BGC 180-181 2.0 HP Split Air Conditioner From ₵2 299,00 17.36%
₵2 698,00
Legacy 1.5HP Air Conditioner
Legacy 1.5HP Air Conditioner From ₵1 580,00