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When buying generators the major question to consider is how much power you need and how much you are willing to spend.

In most cases visiting a generator manufacturer's website can solve the issue since some of them have calculators which helps you with estimates of the amount of power you need and how much it would cost to run the generator. The 5 KVA generator is easily recommended for standard homes. The 5 KVA can power most appliances in the home at the same time but this will not include air conditioner (AC) since the power will not be enough. This is where the 10 KVA or 20 KVA generator and higher need to be considered.

Most people do not understand that a stand-by generator refers to generators with automatic process which kicks in and starts the generator when there is power outage within seconds. That term "Stand-by generator" is often misused. So when buying a generator, consider this. If it is not a "Stand-by generator" you will have to manually start it when there is power outage.

A silent or sound-proof generator is reasonably quiet and does not disturb  your neighbors. It is the best to buy if your budget can afford it. Technology has evolved and many manufacturers like Honda, Hyundai, Perkins, Cummins, bobo, TEC, Elemax are building generators that are relatively silent. Sound or noise levels are measured in decibels, so always make sure to check the dba description on the generator. Still, the price of silent generator in Ghana is on the high side but worth it.

Finally, you need to consider if you need diesel or petrol generators. Price of fuelling your generator might be the most important consideration here. In some cases the prices of diesel is higher but you will need to consider the fuel consumption of the generator per hour. Fuel is not cheap but the need for constant power for homes and businesses is also important.

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