Carpets, Mats & Rugs

How much carpet cost in Ghana varies. It can depend on the size or yard you are buying or the quality and brand of the carpet. The same is the case with rugs. Hand crafted rugs are likely to be more expensive than the popular machine made rugs. Hand made rugs and mats are also more rare than other rugs and mats.

When deciding if to add a rug or carpet to a room, it is important to consider if the room will be used by a person that is allergic. This is often missed by many rug and mat buyers. If you plan to create an allergy free room then consider the rugs that can be easily cleaned and aired. Carpets can be very difficult because of their wall-to-wall sizes and also because thay usually fixed to the floor unlike rugs . However, a plastic or rubber based carpet can be a solution for people with allergy.

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