7 Simple Ways to Maintain your Air Conditioner

7 Simple Ways to Maintain your Air Conditioner

Family Health and safety are very key in every home. That’s why it’s necessary to hold off heat-related health problems. For this reason, you need to keep your AC at peak working condition to keep both you and your family from the risk of fatigue and heat exhaustion.

Air conditioning can be a luxury or a necessity depending on your locality around the world. Moreso, during summer, when the temperatures are very high, you need to keep your AC running without any problems no matter how high the temperatures go.

Whether you have a central or a one-room AC, you can keep your air conditioner running, because we’ve collected the best tips for you to follow and always make sure that your AC works effectively and efficiently so that your home stays cool all season long.

So, keep reading before you find out what an air conditioner price in Ghana could be if you don’t have one but planning to get it soon.

But first things first:

Do you understand how an air conditioner works?

Air conditioners often come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but they all function on the same basic premise. An air conditioner provides cold air inside your home by holding off heat and humidity from the air inside. It transfers the unwanted heat and humidity outside and returns the cooled air to the indoor space.

Well, with this knowledge, we can now proceed.

1. How Easy Can You Clean the Filter?

One of the most important things you want to check is whether the central A/C air filter is easy to clean as you will be required to do this every month. Clean filters are very important in maintaining good house air quality.

You will also want to check if you have pets or excess dust in your home which will determine when you will be cleaning your A/C. This could be done once or twice a month or sometimes you’ll need to replace you’re A/C within 60 – 90 days.

2. Examine the Thermostat

You will want to check your thermostat to make sure it’s properly working to keep your home at the desired temperatures. If your thermostat is on an older model then you may upgrade to a programmable model.

This will let you set to your desired temperature whether high or low, more so, when no one is at home.

3. Check the Condenser Unit Fan

You’ll also want to check the fan that is usually mounted at the top of your outside condenser by turning off the power of your AC. In doing this, you’ll get to know whether the fan is in good condition or not. If it’s not, be sure to replace the fan, and if your AC unit is older then the bearings might need to be oiled regularly.

4. How Easy Can You Clear Away Debris and Plants?

The outdoor system needs as much care as the inside parts. Mostly, the outside unit is a build-up of dirt, leaves, and grass clippings which reduces the flow of air.

You will, therefore, want to set up your air conditioner in a very conducive environment to avoid frequent build-up of dirt.

5. Check the Unit Regularly

To keep you informed on the happenings with the system, you need to give your air conditioner’s system a good inspection every week.

For instance, check the proper flow of air, damaged fans, exposed wiring, and potential debris blocking the system.

6. Check Your Windows

To have your AC working effectively and smoothly, check your windows and make sure that your AC isn’t running when your windows are open or letting in warm in. This mostly happens when your windows are older thus allowing outside air to come in and destroy all efforts of your air conditioner.

7. Call in the Professionals

Be keen to call a professional whenever you realize that there’s a problem with the inner workings of your system. This is to avoid worsening the problem in case you don’t know what you are expected to do. Some experts can examine your air conditioning system and fix the problem without issue.


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